• Cuff Links, Lockets & Horsehead Belt Buckle – Pound Ridge NY
  • Bakelite Tortoise Shell Necklace – Antiques & Interiors, New York
  • Ivory & Jade Beaded Necklace – Antiques & Interiors, New York
  • Hand-Cut Italian Aquamarine Glass Beaded Necklace – Vintage
  • Silver Pins w/ Motifs – Antiques & Interiors, Pound Ridge NY
  • Mid-20th Century Gold Antique Bangles – Vintage New York
  • Gold Deco Choker Necklace with Colored Rhinestones
  • Antique Jewelry Selection – Pound Ridge, New York
  • Vintage Gold Pendant Earring – Antiques & Interiors
  • Antique Ivory Necklace & Jewelry – Westchester County New York
  • Jewelry-20150810_2787
  • Victorian Snake Necklace w. Garnet Slide, c. 1870s

Our Jewelry Collection – Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York

Our collection of jewelry ranges from antique to contemporary, emphasizing instances of synergy between pieces from different eras. Antiques & Interiors’ jewelry collection has grown organically throughout the years. At Antiques and Interiors, you will find an vintage pins alongside contemporary bracelets and antique ivory necklaces next to tortoise shell Bakelite necklaces. The broad variety of the collection ensures that everyone will find something to appreciate. Whether it is the aquamarine glass beads, antique gold bangles, or simply the eclecticism of the collection, one is sure to leave inspired after having seen Antique & Interiors’ jewelry collection.